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Posted by Coinify on 06 December 2017 03:22 PM

Dear customers,

The exponential increase in the interest in cryptocurrencies from media and general public, which we see as a sign of mainstreaming, resulted in a rapid increase in trade orders on our platform and those of our partners.


The inflow of orders has clearly exceeded our projections and we want to assure you that we do our best to keep the customer expectations to a satisfactory level while addressing the backlog. Given the current situation, we are working through the overload in Compliance, Financial and Support departments, while actively looking for solutions to better cater for the current demand.


Normally, resolution times are 2-3 business days for Processing bank orders, Verify KYC and Solve Support Requests. During this extraordinary period, the times mentioned before are longer than desired, though we are working round the clock to minimise the delays. On that note, we are expanding our Support and Compliance teams as well as restructuring our support platform for better efficiency.


Thank you for bearing with us during this challenging times.


Kind regards,

Coinify Team

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