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Posted by Coinify on 28 November 2017 10:40 AM

Dear Coinify traders using platform or wallet, please be aware of this important customer announcement:


From the 30th of November 2017, The Transaction Fee for all Bitcoin transfers (buying and selling Bitcoins) will not be covered in the order amount.


How will this work?
When you make a buy or sell order on the 30th of November and afterwards, the Transaction Fee for the Bitcoin transfers will be automatically calculated for your order and the interface will show its actual monetary value. This information will also be available in the confirmation email we send after you place a buy bank order.

Please read carefully: New Bitcoin Transaction Fee applies to all orders (buy and sell) placed before the 30th of November, which will be processed on the 30th of November or after.

Why is there a fee?

The exponential growth of interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past months prompted companies like ours to onboard and serve more customers in a shorter timeframe.

We want to continue serving our current customers and welcome new traders. For years, we have provided Trade orders without Bitcoin Transaction Fees, but the costs of this payment method have significantly risen and covering them on behalf of all customers would be unsustainable.

Introduction of the transaction fee for Bitcoin trades is therefore a decision based on our company’s scaling needs and market development in general.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: We will happily answer your questions.


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