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Bank Holidays 2015/2016
Posted by Coinify on 03 August 2015 04:52 PM

We kindly ask you to note that we are not processing bank transfers on the following dates and all weekends throughout the year:

25.12.2015 Friday       Christmas Day/Juledag


1.1.2016     Friday       New Year's Day/Nytårsdag

24.3.2016   Thursday   Maundy Thursday/Skærtorsdag

25.3.2016   Friday       Good Friday/Langfredag

27.3.2016   Sunday     Easter Day/Påskedag

28.3.2016   Monday     Easter Monday/2. påskedag

22.4.2016   Friday       Prayer Day/St. Bededag

5.5.2016     Thursday  Ascension Day/Kristi Himmelfartsdag

15.5.2016   Sunday    Whit Sunday/Pinsedag

16.5.2016   Monday   Whit Monday/2.Pinsedag

25.12.2016 Sunday    Christmas Day/Juledag

26.12.2016 Monday   2nd Christmas Day/2.Juledag


We apologise in advance for any inconvenience!

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