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Bitcoins were sent to a wrong or inactive address. Can you send them back to me?
Posted by Coinify on 24 July 2015 01:15 PM

Unfortunately, we are not able to do this. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.


This is why it is very important that you double check the address you are receiving Bitcoins to and make absolutely sure that it is the right one! The reason for this is that the owner of a Bitcoin wallet is the only one with control over it and being authorised to perform any actions with it.


Contrary to credit cards, Bitcoins can be sent only when using the private key of a wallet owner. Private keys are not public and hence not accessible to us.


In case you have had Bitcoins sent to a wrong address, you have to personally contact the wallet owner in question and ask him to send you back the Bitcoins received by mistake. As there is no directory of owners of wallets, the most common way to contact an owner, is to send a micropayment with a message.

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