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Bank Payouts minimums and pricing
Posted by Coinify on 10 December 2014 01:14 PM

Minimum and maximum payout amounts vary depending on the type of Payment Account.

Due to exchange rates for currencies and administration costs, some types of payouts may include processing fee.

Please review all details from the list below:


SEPA settlement

Minimum transfer:25 EUR

Maximum transfer:15000 EUR

Currency : EUR

Fee : Free


International bank transfer settlement:

Minimum transfer: 75 USD Equivalent

Maximum transfer: 20000 USD Equivalent

Currency : View supported currencies here

Fee : 40 DKK bank charge per transfer


Paypal settlement:

Minimum transfer: 15 USD Equivalent

Maximum transfer: 1000 USD Equivalent


Fee : 7% charge


Ripple settlement:

Minimum transfer: 100 USD

Maximum transfer: 10000 USD

Currency : USD

Fee : Ripple is 0.5% and is paid in Bitstamp issued USD


Danish Bank transfer settlement:

Minimum transfer: 50 DKK

Maximum transfer: 100 000 DKK

Currency : DKK

Fee : Free

* Available only in Denmark


Note that you are able to set the minimum higher than our default minimum to save on banking costs.

If you later change your mind, simply lower the minimum back down and the payout will be automatically processed provided your new set minimum has been reached.

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