Where can I find the Bank information where to send the Bank transfer?
Posted by Coinify on 31 January 2017 06:52 PM

You can access this info by going to the Order History menu on your Blockchain wallet. To get there click on Buy Bitcoin on the left menu. You will see now a list with your latest transactions and their status. For the order you need to send a payment, the status would be Pending.

Click on finish payment and a pop up window will show you all the transaction details and Coinify’s bank account information.

As these details change depending on the currency chosen for the order, it is very important that you use the info from that same Order detail, and no any other account you used for Coinify before.

Make sure that you include that Order ID (e.g. CY12345) as message to the receiver when doing the bank transfer. Not doing so may cause delays in Bitcoin delivery.

and that the bank account used be in your own name. Spouses' and corporate accounts are considered 3rd party, even though you are the owner of such company, and the transfer will be rejected.


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