Blockchain Buying Bitcoin with Bank order first time - uploading verification documents
Posted by Coinify on 01 December 2016 03:01 PM

Step 1

Log into your wallet and click on BUY AND SELL BITCOIN on the left menu. Enter the amount you want to buy and you will get the equivalent in Bitcoin. If this is your first buy order from your Blockchain wallet, you might be asked from Blockchain to verify your email address.


Step 2

Click on the 'Bank transfer' payment method and then on Continue. Please, be aware that you will have a one time request to verify your identity, which is required under Government Anti Money Laundering regulations.


Step 3

Register your phone number by selecting the operating country from the drop down menu and then entering your number (note: your phone must be able to receive international SMS). Click on Send Passcode and allow a few minutes for the code to be sent via SMS. You will see a green banner with the message “A unique One Time Passcode has been sent to your registered number.” Enter the code sent to your phone and click on Register Mobile.


Step 4

To verify your address, fill in the fields with the information required, select your country of residence from the drop down menu and when your are done, click on ContinueNext, to verify your personal information, fill in the fields with the information required, select your country of birth and citizenship from the drop down menus and when you are sure all the details are correct, click on Confirm details.


Step 5

Note: if this is your first order, the system will ask you to upload documents that verify your identity and account ownership. They will be reviewed by our Compliance team (which might take up to 48 hrs) and you will be notified about the outcome via email. Once you are approved, initiate a new order following the same steps as they were described up to this point.


Select from the drop down menu what kind of Photo ID you are going to submit and then click on Next.

Step 6

Click on Upload Document or use the Drag and drop option to upload a document you have already stored on your computer or smartphone (please note: scanned documents or image files must be high resolution and legible). Once the file is uploaded, click on Next.

Note: Please make sure that you upload both sides of the photo ID in high quality and there are no covered areas of the document. Your full name, date of birth and expiration date of the document should always be visible.
 The review of these documents is handled by our Compliance Team and it takes approximately 48 hrs.

Remember that when you are creating your very first bank order it is actually treated by the system only as a document upload, not an actual order since your verification documents have to be approved before you are allowed to purchase Bitcoin with a bank transfer. If your documents are approved, you will be notified via email and you will be able to create bank orders.

Read this article to find out how to make a bank order.


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