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Important Customer Alert: Don’t Get Tricked by Phone Scammers
Posted by Coinify on 05 February 2018 02:06 PM

Dear customers,


We have been made aware that some fraudsters are making phone calls pretending to be Coinify staff. They offer the possibility of buying company shares or to make quick investments with credit cards.


Please note that Coinify does not provide phone support. And that in the event of an exceptional phone call, Coinify employees will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction (in crypto or fiat currency).


We suggest that you stay cautious about any suspicious calls that pretend to be made by Coinify staff. It is important that you do not to make any transactions or share your payment information in such situation. Coinify will not be liable for any loss resulting from such transactions, as these are made with the consent of the card or bank account holder.  


However, if you received one of those calls, please be careful. If you wish to buy or sell bitcoin, contact our support specialists here.

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Coinify Order Processing Schedule for New Year
Posted by Coinify on 29 December 2017 03:14 PM

Dear Customers,

Thank you for trading with us in 2017. As the year’s end is approaching and due to national bank holidays across the countries we serve, it is our intention to be upfront with you regarding the expected processing times for trade orders around the New Years holidays:

  • Coinify buy orders (made via bank transfer) and all sell orders will not be processed from 30th of December until 1st of January (both inclusive).
  • If you have sent a bank transfer for a buy order on or after the 28th of December, your order will be processed after 1st of January.
  • All bank transfer-related trade orders will resume and be processed as soon as possible from 2nd of January.


Please plan your bank orders accordingly. We also recommend that you closely follow all trade order instructions as issues with your bank order (missing order ID or name mismatch) require additional support and can lead to processing delays.


Finally, we want to apologise for any inconvenience caused from longer resolution times in relation to KYC verifications and customer support tickets over the last few weeks. The exponential increase in the interest in cryptocurrencies has put high pressure on our systems as well as the entire ecosystem. We are working through the overload in Compliance, Financial and Support departments and continue to scale our team to meet the demand for our services.


Thank you for bearing with us through this challenging period. We will continue on improving our services to better serve you in 2018.


We wish you happy and prosperous year 2018!  

Coinify Team

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Coinify Order Processing Schedule for Christmas and New Year
Posted by Coinify on 17 December 2017 12:15 PM

Please note that due to bank holidays, our bank orders (buy and sell) will be on hold during Christmas and New Year in 2017/2018.

Buy (bank) and sell orders will not be processed:


This means the following:

  1. If you send a bank transfer for a bank order on or after the 21st of December, your order will most likely be processed after the 27th of December.

  2. If you send a bank transfer for a bank order on or after the 28th of December, your order will be processed in the new year.

  3. The same principle and dates also apply for all sell orders.

If you find yourself in the above situation and you have sent a bank transfer to Coinify or you are expecting a transfer from us, please rest assured, we will process your orders once the banks are open again. 

Updates about Coinify services will be shared on this article. As always, our card service will remain open 24/7.

We wish you happy holidays :-)

Kind regards,
Coinify Team

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About the increase on Bitcoin Transaction Fees
Posted by Coinify on 08 December 2017 03:19 PM

As we have previously informed you, from the 30th of November 2017 the transaction fee for all Bitcoin orders (card and bank) is not covered by Coinify anymore.

The transaction fee for Bitcoin transfers is now automatically calculated in your Blockchain wallet's interface and displayed in BTC. This information is also available in the confirmation email we send after you place a card or bank order.

Why is there a fee?

The exponential growth of interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past months prompted companies like ours to onboard and serve more customers in a shorter timeframe. We want to continue serving our current customers and welcome new traders. For years we have completed trade orders without Bitcoin transaction fees, but the costs of this payment method have risen significantly and covering them on behalf of all customers would be unsustainable.

Introduction of the transaction fee for Bitcoin trades is therefore a decision based on our company’s scaling needs and market development in general.

Why are fees so high?

You might have noticed that lately, Bitcoin transactions fees have increased. This increase is highly influenced by the amount of unconfirmed transactions on the network. Because there is a limited amount of transactions that can be confirmed, the higher the number of transactions awaiting for confirmation, the higher the fee needed to get miners to confirm them. 

You can keep track of the number of transactions waiting to be confirmed here: Mempool Transaction Count.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: We will happily answer your questions.

Best regards,


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